Friday, 11 November 2011

Exciting News

Yes, if it wasn't enough on 06/10/11 to create a new identity, website, blog, Facebook id and first project all launched on the same day, we also submitted a proposal to Fringe Arts Bath.

We are very pleased to announce that Object Art will be curating an open call out show for Fringe 2012

Our proposed show will be featured in the FAB call out coming very soon


The Deadline Has Passed

Thank you to everyone that kindly donated an object. We are very excited at the prospect of taking inspiration from your objects to create our first collaborative artwork. Those of you that have donated have set us on the path to discover who we can be as Object Art, and if our responses so far are anything to go by, those of you that know us as individual artists may be in for a surprise!
We will be working on the piece over the next few months to present both it, and Object Art, to you in February.