Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A little bit of Tracey's year

Over the past year, I have been combining my individual practice with part time teaching study. In addition I have gained a years practical experience as a sculpture workshop technician. My teaching experience has been in a college setting at levels 3 and 4 working on the Art Foundation and National Diploma programs at City of Bath College. I have also continued to lecture on my own professional practice. My individual art practice has seen my work exhibited in a series of exhibitions and I have explored new collaborations to curate the work of other artists.

Now that the studying is done for now, I am looking forward to spending more time with Steph taking Object Art forward into new projects.

Art Foundation 2012/13

Marking Territory

Still Life with an Apple
56 frames cast by the artist in the shortest possible time. 
2 coats of gloss paint applied by the artist.
56 pieces of Arches paper cut to size by the artist.
56 drawings made in 5 minutes by a team of 54 people interpreting the instruction of the artist to draw an apple. 
The artist supplied all materials. 
The team had no knowledge of the wider concept at the time of drawing.
The artist did not contribute a drawing.
Drawings individually trimmed and mounted in frames by the artist.
Piece installed by the artist.

Open Studios, Restricted Access

As a curator, bringing together fine art and street art in Outside In. In partnership with Bridget Sterling and in association with Fringe Arts Bath.